Mariia Korniienko

handmade bags and purses

If you are looking for something that nobody has – you will find it here.

I have more than 50 types of bags, purses, keyholders, magnets, and pictures.

I often hear  from people who see my crafts for the first time: “We saw nothing like this!” Yes, it’s true.

What materials do I use? Natural leather. Sometimes eco-leather and textile.

This website tells you who I am, how I live and make my handicrafts.

Here you can choose and order my products. You have no time to wait? Buy finished things.

If you have ideas – write to me, we’ll discuss. Мy products


Crimea – my native land

I live in Feodosia. Little town by the sea, mountains are nearby. It is natural that crimean landscape became a part of my creativity. Faculty of Geography in the Crimean University, many years of working as a guide brought my knowledge of Crimea to a professional level.

Exclusive sewing machine, special needle…

Not at all, nothing special. Typical Chajka 142-M, And common machine needle №100. Not in this case reason, but in ideas. I come up with all the cartoons, and draw them myself. And I ‘ll reveal a secret to you: it is easier to sew natural leather, than some fabrics.

Paints and brushes

I graduated Art school with honors. They prophesied me to go to art college, but I chose a sewing school. I didn’t stop to paint yet, and united sewing and drawing in my creativity.

My life

Programmer’s wife, mother of two charming kids, owner of a dog and several cats. I work as a guide in Feodosia, draw, sew, and maintain 3 accounts on social networks. Ride a bike (sometimes far), read, water flowers, and just live.

My Products