Sourses of Inspiration

Human being always was accompained by little things needed out of home place. It means that bags began to exist with the first clothes. Works of artisans from the past is inexhaustible source of inspiration. Especially interesting are belt bags-sacks. Such bags-purses fair ladies and their gallant partners used for hiding money and many kinds if little things. Pictures with these purses are occured between frescos of Ancient Egypt. But more often bag purses take place in the pictures of Medieval times. How various they are! Square, oblong, and round, plain, and volumetric, in various measurements – the medieval pirses could be rather universal. Men and women wore them fastened to their belts by cord or chain. In XIV-XV centuries purses-sacks were a part of court dress and had name “aumoni?re”. Ladies wore them by clasping around the wrist.