If you love your land – it is present for you

Bag with a landscape is almost an ideal souvenir. Why almost? Because “Nothing is perfect,” sighed the fox from “The Little Prince” Exupéry. But we can get closer to the ideal. And I’ll tell you 7 steps what my landscape bags get closer to the Ideal Souvenir.

Light weight. Every bag has a weight from 20 to 80 g (1-2 oz). Even if you buy many of them, they will not increase the weight of your baggage.

Low price – it is from 15 to 30 dollars. That’s not a lot for handmade crafts, when everyone is unrepeatable.

Originality. I have been doing landscape bags for 20 years – and nobody repeated me over these years. So, I can say with complete confidence: such bags you can find here only.

Transportability. They don’t crash, don’t break, don’t rip. You can shove it into the far corner of your case, press down something heavy, turn and even roll – and they get to yours without any damage.

Usefulness. Beautiful trinkets will take up shelf space, photos will lie on the hard drive, magnets will live out on the fridge, but the bag will work every day!

Durability. Vine will be drunk fast, sweets will be eaten faster, aroma herbs will fall to pieces with time, but the bag will serve you 5, 10, even more years.

Beloved land is always with you. With all its beauty, your good memories, it becomes a part of your life.

And they are beautiful, anyway.

If you want to buy one of my crafts, write to me. Details of paying and post sending depend on the country you live.