Landscape bags

These little bags are very comfortable during trips and for everyday using. I make them from multicolored pieces of natural leather. They are  assembled like puzzle and became a Crimean landscape. All stitches are with glue and fixed by sewing mashine. The bags are strong and serve for very long time.

The wallet descriptions reflect their use. All wallets have a backing of rayon lining. Two sorts of wallets (pencil case and cosmetics bag) have hash cloth with polyester padding. Weight of the wallets is near 50 g (1-2 oz).

Take a little piece of Crimea with you – let it be with you every day for many years!

Если вы находитесь в Симферополе:

  • в Центральном музее Тавриды (витрина возле кассы)

В Феодосии мои работы продаются:

  • в галерее "ОFFcетка на Земской" (сумочки с пейзажами, кошельки-ключницы, сумочки фигурные, магниты, роспись на дереве)
  • в магазине турснаряжения "Привал" (сумочки с пейзажами)
  • в Музее рыбы и рыболовства, проспект Айвазовского 45, Дом культуры "Чайка"(сумочки фигурные, кошельки-ключницы)