Scad Keyholder

Natural leather Scad key holder, finlets are chamois. Because of the scad-keyholder your keys will not jingle in your bag, will not impair the contents, and will not hitch the lining.

Measurements: length of the scad from tip of nose to the end of tail is 23 cm. Fastener is a zipper. The purse is closed by adhesive woven interfacing on the inner side. This fabric fulfills the role of lining.

Adhesive woven interfacing – what is it?

There is a 3 cm metal ring inside near tail that serves for fixation of keys.

Color variations of finlets: brown, blue, green.

Little hole on the tail can be used for hanging on the wall or rope it on the bag, as a dog-lead. Hanging on the wall it will adorn your home. 

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