Cosmetic bags

It is a vanity bag for anybody who has cosmetics in great numbers. It can hold absolutely everything – cremes, lotiones, combes, eye shadows, mascaras, lipsticks, little mirror, gems, more and more – all what you usually keep in the bag.
The bag has a zip fastener, it can be decorated by tassel, if you wish. The edge has a piping, that tightens the bag. In accordance with your desire it is possible to make a lining pocket. Its measurements I will concider with you.
You can mould cosmetic bag into a casual bag by using a handle and two spring hooks. Examples you can see between bags with pictures.

This page presents photos of bags that have their ladies yet. You can repeat the design or propose your own. Design theme must be a real subject (a flower, an animal, beautiful landscape, etc.)
The measurements are at the description. I can change the measurements (length, width, height) in accordance with your desire. Limits of measurements are within 5 sm.
Weight of the bags is near 300 g (10 oz).