Mariia Korniienko: How to buy my handmade works

View my shop & gallery to select  what you want. Maybe you want to change something or make another size. Buying a wallet, choose 1) model; 2) landscape; 3) color.

Contact me in a convenient way. All contacts are here: “How to Find me“.

I live in Feodosia, Crimea. If you have plans to make a jorney to Crimea you can write to me and ask for a meeting.

Tell me about your wishes
I’m always opened for ideas and propositions. Many of my bags were born from customers’ wishes. Maybe you have a dream or a genial idea what is waiting for its incarnation.

About time limits
I don’t make emergency orders: I’m a mom of two little kids and my life is absolutely unpredictable. Fast buying is possible only when a bag is finished and waiting for its buyer.

About the transfer
I send the package by the Post of Russia. After sending I always write you tracking code.
Packages usually have very light weight. Wallet with landscape, for example, has 50 g.

How to pay
Pay on delivery. It’s simple.