Mariia Korniienko: How to buy my handmade works

Decide what you like
View my shop & gallery to select the style and design you want. Maybe you’ll want change something or make another size. To buying a wallet, choose 1) model of the wallet; 2) landscape; 3) color.

Write me
Contact me by one convinient way for you. All contacts are in page “How to Find me“. By message you can advise prise, learn more about materials, consider time limits and transfer.

I live in Feodosia, Crimea. If you are planning a jorney to Crimea you can write me and ask for meeting. So you will have a possibility to look, change, and buy first-hand.

Talk about your wishes
I’m always opened for ideas and propositions. Big part of my bags’ assortiment was born from customers’ wishes. Maybe you have a dream or genial idea what is waiting for its embodyment.

Talk about time limits
I don’t make emergency orders: I’m mom of two little kids and my life is absolutely unpredictable. Fast transfer is possible only in situation when a bag is finished and waiting for its buyer.

Talk about transfer
I transfer package by Post of Russia. After sending I always write you tracking code.
Packages usually have very light weight. Wallets with landscape, for example, 50 g.

How to pay
Pay on delivery. It’s that simple.