Bag for a tour guide

..what can accommodate a folder with letter size papers. Overall measurements of the bag are 27x31x cm.
Material: jeans, because:
a) suitable for shoes and sneakers:
b) endures everything. You remember, the first jeans american workers wore.

The bag is very light, 500 g just. It will become your colleague and will serve you no less than 3 seasons, most likely more. You can wash it one time per year at the end of season with a temperature of 40 degrees centigrade ( 104 degrees Fahrenheit) in delicate mode.
The bottom is leather – for simply washing a spot if you stand your bag – for example, on berries.
The bottom includes a tight insert, so the bag keeps in shape very well, even if it is empty. If the tour guide’s bag can be empty at all.

The bag has four pockets.
1. A pocket with zipper on the front size – for things that you need to put in fast and to pull out fast. But no phone: you can forget to close the zipper. And generally speaking the pocket on the front is dangerous because it can be visited by persons whom you didn’t invite.
2. A pocket for the phone. Closed by a zipper, on the inner side, “close to the body”. This pocket allows you to keep your phone turned on even in the places where it is not permitted. Vibration alert will do “bzzz” near your side quietly, and you will sense it.
3. A patch pocket on the lining: you can keep a purse in it. This way your purse will not hang out in the bag’s space. And a list of tourists’ names, if it lives in pockets, not on planchette.
4. A patch pocket on the lining with zipper for things not often used, but if used they have to be pulled out fast. For example, documents. Or pills.

The rest of the space can be filled by:
1. A folder with papers;
2. A water bottle;
3. Sandwich;
4. A hat in the case of sun weather;
5. An umbrella in the case of rainy weather;
6. A pareo in the case of working on the seaside;
7. A swimsuit in the case of free time on the seaside;
8. Sunglasses (on the photo there is a case only).

All aforementioned items (except sandwich) are shown on the third photo and were put in the bag successfully. Also space left for (underline applicable): the second pair of shoes, knitting, embroidery, book, iPad…
Also, with a certain skill, you will be able to put in a loaf if you decide to go into the bakery on the way home.
On a trail somewhere in the mountains you can overthrow your bag in a backpack by using hangs as shoulder straps.

And yes, the bag is beautiful! Mountains, the sea, your beloved landscape. I make the design of the front side individually. Besides jeans fabric and leather, I use wooden and clay beads, lace, and decorative stitches.
Design is included in the price.

Dear tour guides, order from me your bags for work! I know what you need )))